BGA Reballing / BGA Repairing

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BGA Reballing / BGA Repairing

Intransit Technologies’ BGA Reballing / BGA Repairing  services allows us to reball any BGA pattern with our available custom-made library of over 1000 stencil hand wands. We can also custom design new stencils if you have a BGA pattern design we have never done before.   We match the solder sphere sizes to form and fit per Manufacturer’s specifications.  We are the go to team to support your all reballing needs.  Lead Free / RoHS to Lead Conversion or Leaded to Lead Free / RoHS Conversion is no problem.  We follow strict protocols to ensure your parts will be completed without any imperfections.  Our process is so superior it will seem like factory new parts when we are all finished.   We have engineers that understand the thermal temperature profiles required, understand prebaking is essential to dry out the components to remove chances of delamination or the popcorn effect.  We have a state of the art temperature controlled reflow oven to ensure all reballed BGAs are properly secured to their pads.  Just like our RoHS Conversion Services and Leaded Conversion Services we always pre bake and post bake to remove any moisture from the bodies.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is RoHS Conversion?

Through a process of hot solder dipping we are able to convert the terminals on IC or Passive component packages to a RoHS based solder.  


What is Leaded Conversion? 

We can convert a RoHS solder based device by adding a LEADED Non-RoHS solder to the terminals/pins for mainly the military or medical applications where higher reliability is required and authorized by industry standards.


What are the solders available that you can retin or reball with?

Our main choice for RoHS conversion is SAC305( Sn96.5 Ag3.0 Cu.5), but to list some other and some include lead depending on you needs are; Sn63 Pb37, Sn5 Pb93.5 Ag1.5, Sn96.5 Ag3.5 and we have worked with many customer requested solders to meet a special need. 


What type of packages can you work with?

Bulk, Tape and Reel, Tube and Trays.


What can you do automated?
Trays can be automated via our robotic machine to handle the pickup/load to auto flux to solder dip to place back in tray/unload.  All the parts in the tray can be handled without human touch.


Do you bake the parts to ensure no damage occurs during services?
Yes! We bake the parts prior to a job and after a job to ensure there is no moisture inside the parts.  This is a critical step to keep the integrity of the parts throughout the job. 


Testing Services?
XRF testing, Solderability testing, S-CAM, X-RAY and many others.  Please inquire about the specific testing service you’d like and we can quote it accordingly.


My ICs are on PCBs; can you salvage these and convert them to RoHS compliant , Leaded or your preferred solder?
YES. Most IC packages from all types of PCBs. We can safely salvage devices using specially developed controlled IR, Hot-air or by chemical solder removal with no or minimal stress on the salvaged device. Salvaged devices can then be converted.


Can you convert Discrete devices?
Yes. We can convert almost all discrete devices both active and passive provided their levels of banned substances (apart from Lead) are below their respective RoHS thresholds.


What IC, PASSIVE, BGA, DISCRETE and other component packages can you convert or repair?

Almost all IC packages can be converted to Pb-free. This includes BGA, PGA, TSOP, SSOP, QFP, SOIC, PLCC, CDIP, PDIP and customized packages.



Acronym Full name Remark
Through-hole packages   Through-hole technology uses holes drilled through the PCB for mounting the components. The component has leads that are soldered to pads on the PCB to electrically and mechanically connect them to the PCB.
SIP Single in-line package  
DIP Dual in-line package  
CDIP Ceramic DIP  
CERDIP Glass-sealed ceramic DIP  
QIP  uadruple in-line package Like DIP but with staggered (zig-zag)
SKDIP Skinny DIP Standard DIP with 0.1 in (2.54 mm) pin spacing, rows 0.3 in (7.62 mm) apart  
SDIP Shrink DIP Non-standard DIP with smaller 0.07 in (1.78 mm) pin spacing  
ZIP  Zig-zag in-line package  
MDIP Molded DIP  
PDIP Plastic DIP  
SMT Surface mount  
CCGA Ceramic column-grid array (CGA)  
CGA Column-grid array  
CERPACK Ceramic package  
LLP Lead-less lead-frame package A package with metric pin distribution (0.5–0.8 mm pitch)
LGA Land grid array  
LTCC   Low-temperature co-fired ceramic  
MCM     Multi-chip module  
MICRO SMDXT Micro surface-mount device extended technology  
DLCC Dual lead-less chip carrier (ceramic)  
PLCC Plastic leaded chip carrier  
Flat packages    
CFP Ceramic flat-pack  
CQFP Ceramic quad flat-pack  
BQFP Bumpered quad flat-pack  
DFN Dual flat-pack No lead
ETQFP Exposed thin quad flat-package  
PQFN Power quad flat-pack No-leads, with exposed die-pad for heatsinking
PQFP     Plastic quad flat-package  
LQFP Low-profile quad flat-package  
QFN Quad flat no-leads package  
QFP Quad flat package  
MQFP Metric quad flat-pack QFP with metric pin distribution
HVQFN Heat-sink very-thin quad flat-pack, no-leads  
TQFP Thin quad flat-pack  
VQFP Very-thin quad flat-pack  
TQFN Thin quad flat, no-lead  
VQFN Very-thin quad flat, no-lead  
WQFN Very-very-thin quad flat, no-lead  
UQFN Ultra-thin quad flat-pack, no-lead  
ODFN Optical dual flat, no-lead IC packaged in transparent packaging used in optical sensor
SOP Small outline packages  
CSOP Ceramic small-outline package  
DSOP Dual small-outline package  
HSOP Thermally-enhanced small-outline package  
MSOP Mini small-outline package  
PSOP Plastic small-outline package  
PSON Plastic small-outline no-lead package  
QSOP Quarter-size small-outline package The terminal pitch is 0.635 mm.
SOIC Small-outline integrated circuit  
SOJ Small-outline J-leaded package  
SON Small-outline no-lead package  
SSOP Shrink small-outline package  
TSOP Thin small-outline package  
TSSOP Thin shrink small-outline package  
TVSOP Thin very-small-outline package  
µMAX   Similar to a SOIC. (A Maxim trademark example)
WSON Very-very-thin small-outline no-lead package  
USON Very-very-thin small-outline no-lead package Slightly smaller than WSON
PMCP Power Mount CSP (Chip Scale Package) Variation of WLCSP, for power devices like MOSFETs. Made by Panasonic. 
Fan-out WLCSP Fan-out wafer-level packaging  
eWLB Embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array  
COB Chip on board Bare die supplied without a package. It is mounted directly to the PCB using bonding wires and covered with a blob of black Epoxy. Also used for LEDs. In LEDs, transparent epoxy or a silicon caulk-like material that may contain a phosphor is poured into a mold containing the LED(s) and cured. The mold forms part of the package.
COF Chip-on-flex Variation of COB, where a chip is mounted directly to a flex circuit. Unlike COB, it may not use wires nor be covered with epoxy, using underfill instead.
TAB Tape-automated bonding Variation of COF, where a flip chip is mounted directly to a flex circuit without the use of bonding wires. Used by LCD driver ICs.
COG Chip-on-glass Variation of TAB, where a chip is mounted directly to a piece of glass - typically an LCD. Used by LCD and OLED driver ICs.
BGA Ball grid array Ball Grid Array BGA uses the underside of the package to place pads with balls of solder in grid pattern as connections to PCB.
BGA2  package (FCBGA-479) Intel Mobile Celeron 
CABGA  Chip Array Ball Grid Array CBGA and PBGA denote the Ceramic or Plastic substrate material to which the array is attached. The die appears dark blue.
CTBGA  Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array  
CVBGA  Very Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array  
DSBGA  Die-Size Ball Grid Array  
FBGA  also known as Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (JEDEC-Standard) or Fine Line BGA by Altera. Not to be confused with Fortified BGA.
FCmBGA Flip Chip Molded Ball Grid Array  
LBGA Low-profile Ball Grid Array  
LFBGA Low-profile Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array  
MBGA Micro Ball Grid Array  
MCM-PBGA Multi-Chip Module Plastic Ball Grid Array  
PBGA Plastic Ball Grid Array  
SuperBGA (SBGA) Super Ball Grid Array  
TABGA Tape Array BGA  
TEPBGA Thermally Enhanced Plastic Ball Grid Array  
TFBGA Thin and Fine Ball Grid Array  
UFBGA    Ultra Fine Ball Grid Array  
VFBGA Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array  
WFBGA Very Very Thin profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array  




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